FSC&RD Overview


Consequent upon promulgation of Seed Act, 1976, NSRD (National Seed Registration Department) and (FSCA) Federal Seed Certification Agency were established in 1976. These two departments were merged later in 1997 to form a single department, Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department. FSC&RD is an attached department of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.


To provide services for controlling and regulating the quality of seeds of various varieties of crops and for matters connected therewith.


  1. Controlling the quality of seeds.
  2. Registering growers in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.
  3. Certification of seeds.
  4. Field inspection of the crops of registered varieties and released varieties intended for sale as basic seed or certified seed.
  5. Sampling and testing of seed lots intended for sale in order to ascertain their purity, viability, germination capacity and health status in the prescribed manner.
  6. Issuing certificates in respect of seeds which meet the prescribed standards of particular category of seeds.
  7. Carrying out post-control trials on pre-basic, basic and certified seeds.
  8. Sampling and analyzing seed lots delivered to the processing plants to establish a basis for the purchase of such lots.
  9. Arranging training courses for Seed Certification Officer and persons engaged in seed businesses.
  10. Providing technical and specialist advice and assistance to the National Seed Council in the performance of its functions.
  11. Conduct pre-registration checking of varieties submitted for the purpose of determining suitability for registration as a variety;providing definitive botanical description of crop varieties; providing information on genetic suitability and adaptability of varieties.
  12. Registration of seed varieties after conducting pre-registration checking.
  13. Publish a list of registered seed varieties
  14. Perform such other functions as the National Seed Council may entrust to it.
  15. Propose procedures for maintaining purity of the seed stock and conduct research in seed science and technology.

Role of Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department

  1. FSC&RD conduct trials and registers varieties on the basis of Uniform procedures and Harmonized standards across the country.
  2. FSC&RD adopts/implements uniform procedures/protocols for seed certification. services both to the public and private sector throughout for availability of certified seed.
  3. FSC&RD plays the role of inter-sectoral coordinator between the public and private. breeders, seed corporations, ministries and provinces for the implementation of the Seed regulatory framework.
  4. FSC&RD regulates inter-provincial movement of seed varieties.
  5. FSC&RD monitors the progress of seed companies throughout the country as a third party regulator.
  6. Being an executive arm of the National Seed Council, FSC&RD provides third party expert opinion on national seed policies.
  7. National Seed Depository for reference collection of registered plant material and maintenance of variety passport data.