Seed Purity Testing


Central Seed Testing Laboratory, FSC&RD consists of three component laboratories;

1.      Seed Purity Lab.

2.      Seed Germination Lab.

3.      Seed Health.

Seed Purity Laboratory

The laboratory performs the important function of seed certification scheme i.e Seed Testing in accordance with International Rules of seed testing and procedures issued by International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). The laboratory follows the national seed certification standards for accepting or rejecting the seed samples representing seed lots. Seed testing is performed for registered and released varieties of different agricultural crops and agricultural species mentioned in ISTA rules.

Seed Purity lab is a member lab of International Seed Testing Association since 2009 and regularly participates in Proficiency test program of ISTA. Laboratory is also under process for accreditation status from ISTA. All the documentation work and other requirements of ISTA have been fulfilled. Laboratory is also candidate for national accreditation from Pakistan National Accreditation (PNAC). Pre-assessment has been carried out and final assessment is awaited.


The object of the purity analysis is to determine:

  1. The percentage composition by weight of the sample being tested and by inference the composition of the seed lot

  2. The identity of the various species of seeds and inert particles constituting the sample.


  1. Seed Purity Laboratory performs the post check analysis of seed testing of 27 FSC&RD field seed testing laboratories working in different agro-ecological zones of country.

  2. Seed testing for samples received from public sector like NARC, BARI Chakwal, PSC Fateh Jang and FAO that are being treated as direct/external clients.Seed testing for samples of Seed Act Enforcement whenever required.  

Scope & Tests

The  laboratory  comply  with  ISO  17025:  2005  international  standard and ISTA standards  in  all laboratory  practices  and  maintain  a  quality  management  system  (for  quality,  administrative and technical operations) required to ensure practices at a high standard.  The scope of tests for which the quality management system applies are described are given below.

  1. Seed Purity.

  2. Pure Seed.

  3. Other Variety Seed.

  4. Other Crop Seed.(Other Seed)

  5. Inert Matter.

  6. Weed Seed.

  7. Seed Moisture.

  8. 1000- Grain Weight.

Purity Analysis-Step by Step

  1. Submitted Seed Samples of seasonal crops are received in Seed Receipt Room by Quality Manager.

  2. Received seed samples are coded by Quality Manager and CSTL receive the coded seed samples for purity analysis.

  3. Submitted sample is weighed by electronic balance.

  4. Working sample is drawn from submitted sample by precision divider repeatedly for halving again and again until standard working sample is obtained.

  5. Working sample is passed through sieves (according to crop seed size) for separation of trash, soil and other small particles.

  6. Working sample is passed through blower to separate light weight material such as chaff and empty florets from the heavier seeds.

Separated components like inert matter (seeds smaller than half of original size, chaff, soil, empty florets etc) are placed in separate small cup.

Working sample is analyzed/observed under magnifier for separating:

  1. Other Variety seeds.

  2. Other Crop seeds.

  3. Seeds smaller than half of original size.

  4. Weed seeds.

  5. Insect Attacked

  6. Remaining inert matter.

All separated components are placed in separate small cups.

All separated components are weighed separately and percentage proportion of each component to working sample is calculated.


Amjad Hussain Shah, Seed Certification Officer/Technical Manager Ph. 051-9261695

  1. Miss Shakeela Talpur, Seed Analyst, Dy.TM

  2. Miss Sania Izhar, Seed Analyst

  3. M. Siddique, Lab. Asst.

  4. Miss Shahnaz Bajwa, Lab. Asst.

ISTA PT Performance over the years

ISTA PT Record
Round & Year Species Test
    Purity Moist. OSD
09-3 O.sat Paddy A ? ?
10-1 F.aru F. arundinacea (Grass) A ? ?
10-2 M.lup M. lupulina (Fodder) BMP ? ?
10-3 V.faba Beans ? B ?
14-1 P.sat Peas ? A ?
14-2 T.aes Wheat A ? ?
14-3 P.pra Grass B ? ?
15-1 G.max Soybean ? BMP ?
15-1 F.syl Fagus sylvatica ? BMP ?
15-2 T.pra Fodder A ? ?
15-3 O.sat Paddy A ? C
15-3 Seed Mixture   C ? ?
Mini PT P. sat Peas Satisfactory A ?
Mini PT T. aes Wheat Satisfactory A C
16-1 H.ann Sun Flower A ? A
16-2 B. bra Grass B. brizantha A BMP A


A-Ratings = 12, B-Rating = 2, C & satisfactory = 5, BMP (Below performance) = 4